Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ask Your Questions On The Show!!

Hey everyone, going to integrate a new segment into Minions Have Spawned! Instead of us just reading the questions from you guys, we are also going to let people ask us themselves. Its super easy, all you need is a mic on your computer.

1. Go Here
2. Hit Record, ask your question.
3. After you are finished click Send to a Friend
4. Email them to

We will still be answering standard text questions on the blog, but if you want to hear yourself on the podcast check this out! 


  1. Oh, and say something hilarious.

  2. I think I said something worthy of a giggle or two.

  3. Quick question will you guys still be reading the questions we post on your podcast?

  4. Yes we are definitely still answering any questions we get on the blog, this is just a way for people to get on the podcast if they wish to do so.

  5. Keep it up guys, still enjoying these!

  6. Since I frequent the boards pretty often for Red postings, I'll give you a couple paraphrases of what I've read:

    I believe Phreak said Mundo was nerfed because many anti-healing abilities were also nerfed (slightly buffed early game but definitely nerfed late game when Mundo's got tons more HP). Overall, I think he's still pretty viable, mainly just taking a hit to his laning ability.

    Sona is apparently a hard to balance champion since she's based around spamming all buttons indefinitely, but that's in opposition to infinite sustainability (like for example, the removal of Locket).

    Xin's changes and subsequent forum outrage did provoke a post from Morello admitting he was overnerfed (reason being "Unfun"). I can understand since getting constantly CC'd by Xin's knockup (an ability that's not affected by Tabi, Cleanse, Merc Treads, or QSSash) isn't very fun, but he's apparently getting a rework now as they try to reduce the knock-up spam but still keep him viable.

    Personal Thoughts:

    Brand's lower AP ratios are compensated with 4 damage abilities and high AoE power. With that much base damage he's supposed to build Magic Penetration. I watched Live Streams of Orion playing him and he absolutely wrecked Ryze in lane (of course, he is Orion, but first day played against someone thats played Ryze for a long time is saying something). His build order was Doran's Ring (I think) -> Boots -> Haunting Guise -> Sorc Boots -> Rylais. Considering the HP from Doran's, Guise, and Rylai's; he doesn't seem very squishy at all.

  7. So here's a question for I think DirtyJoe (sorry if I got the wrong person), you seem to play a lot of non-mainstream builds like Jungle Cho'Gath or actually picking Soraka. Does this cause any raging (and blame for failure) from TryHards who never think outside the box or does the surprise work more in your favor?