Thursday, April 28, 2011

Send us your Vocaroo questions / Horror Stories!

If you would like to hear yourself on the Minions Have Spawned podcast and ask us a question without having to do all that typing all you need is a Mic! We are also opening Vocaroo up to League of Legends horror stories as well, so tell us your worst experiences dealing with teammates, enemies, trolls, and all the other good stuff that goes on in games gone horrible awry. Its simple, and only takes the amount of time to ask the actual question!

2. Hit Record
3. Ask your question / tell your horror story
4. Hit Stop
5. Email to

We look forward to hearing from you, and keep the blog questions coming as well!


  1. I'd probably do this if I wasn't sick. Stupid throat.

  2. Just like to say that I've been playing a lot of Alistar this week. He's an amazing champ and probably my favorite Tank so far. I get a thrill out of baiting the entire enemy team, surviving their ults and focus fire, while my team comes running in to give me hopes of denying the dreaded black and white. If the enemy did ignore me then I'm free to run around and CC / headbutt, saving my ult for when we need to push towers.

    However, not really a horror story, but I've also come to realize how SUPER frustrating it can be be when your team deserts you in the midst of the enemies. I've never felt as much rage as when I'm suddenly 1v5ing several times a game because my team lacks the proper "man-equipment" to commit.

  3. I played a lot of Alistar before the patch. I was actually kinda surprised the remade him. He is a really fun champ to play. Usually I get weird looks when I play him AP. The patch actually made AP even better for him.

    Your story I can definitely relate to. I hate when people don't engage. My friends who are kinda new to 30 will sit back. Scared to do anything really.