Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episode 16

 Minions Have Spawned - Episode 16

This week we discuss the latest patch, the new champ Yorick (and why he's terrible), and answer the blog questions. We got our new recording gear so this one sounds much better than the previous.

We will also be holding a contest for a Riot Singed skin giveaway! All you have to do is go to our iTunes page and leave us a review. We will take all the names from those who reviewed us and select one at random to give the skin to! Make sure you leave your in game name or a way to contact you so that we can give you the skin if you win. IT only takes about a minute to leave the review, so make sure to get it in by next Saturday which is when the contest ends.
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  1. FrostyMash (Aiden)June 27, 2011 at 2:29 AM

    I posted like a 200 word review a month or so ago. A few days later it was gone O.O

  2. Salts:

    Sound much better :)

    Yorick has to be built more damage to be effctive, and I think a real bad point is that if you ult someone as Yorick and they die, THEY have control over themselves - meaning they have to understand how your champ works. But ya, he's UP right now.

    Even after the Rumble ult nerf (which is mainly the cooldown increase to me, ouch) I've been trying to play him more. This gets me to thinking - right now, he has no really cool skins that I want to buy. What do you guys think a cool Rumble skin would be?

    As always, great podcast and hope to catch you guys in game sometime.


    Hilarious post on the forums of a bunch of flowcharts on how to play champions.

  4. :( i remember hearing about that aiden

    love these charts andrew

  5. also thanks for clicking our ads lol, 22 clicks <3

  6. Also... I just so happened to waste my IP on evelynn 2 days before she got hit with the nerf bat hard. Very unfortunate. I didn't think they were nerfing her THAT hard.

  7. Worst. Best. Pretty good. Awful. Story of eve.

  8. In regards to your comments about Sona - she's been that awesome for months, ever since her "rework". People routinely underestimate her and I personally feel she's one of the best supports in the game. That being said, support gets overlooked and I don't think she'll be getting nerfed anytime soon, because there hasn't been enough QQ about support and people tend to completely ignore them as contributors to the team. As far as putting AP on Sona, have you tried aura Sona? It can be really successful as well.

    -KahnNo6 (pronounced Kahn No (as in number) 6

  9. I used to always build support with aura's, but its tough to not have that ap during teamfights. I do still get soul shroud pretty regularly though, since the cdr helps sona just as much as the rest of the team

  10. You can sign me up for yourranked premades :) what times do you guys play and what time zone?

  11. One champ that missed the Dreamhack nerf patch was Anivia. She was banned/picked a ton by EU. One reason I think she is so op is because of her wall - you just can't start a fight in the jungle with her on the other team. I posted a thread about this in the LoL forums(see below). Here is the gist: decrease duration of wall, increase projectile speed of skill shot stun, and allow skill shot to detonate even if silenced. More fun in solo, less op in 5s.

  12. @oculus Definately going to bring this up on the show. I think the main reasin Anivia has avoided nerfs is basically what you stated in your forum post. She isn't picked enough to warrant Riot changing her.

  13. Great show guys, its been a while since i'v gotten to comment since military stuff has me pretty buzy, but i'v listened to every show to date.

    Well since you guys are giving away a riot squad singed (lucky for me I already have my own :) ) my question will be about singed.

    I didn't really get to watch to much dreamhack, so how often was singed getting banned or picked? Singed is my fav champ so I'm always trying to learb more bout it.

    The second part of my question is how do the pros build him? I'm doing somthing like magic resist per lvl blues, magic pen reds and move speed purples, i really not sure what the best yellows are, i'v heard so many things.

    For masteries i really like 0/21/9, cause i feel very tanky. Though everyone i talk to goes with 0/9/21 for the speed boost. What do you guys think? Ever played with a hybrid thats not 21 in either tree?

    Thanks guys!