Sunday, May 8, 2011

Episode 11

On this weeks Minions Have Spawned Podcast we talk about some classic champions such as Ryze, Zilean, and Nasus. We also tell some of our worst game play horror stories from the last couple of weeks and answer the blog / vocaroo questions. Thanks for listening and subscribing!

Minions Have Spawned - Episode 11

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  1. the idea of Flash being an On-Use Item scares me even more than the summoner spell itself now.

  2. The idea is that the on use item would be relatively expensive and have minimal stats, so you would be making a big sacrifice in damage / survivability stats in order the get the flash ability.

  3. Doesn't scare me because I would never buy it. Assuming it's like that said with very little to no stats.

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  5. Flash is fine the way it is IMO. Yes, it's a get out of jail free card, but so is Cleanse to a lesser extent. Cleanse is great at baiting multiple exhausts ;).

    -Singerbread Man :D

  6. @ lvl 16

    a few things you notice, 1 there are a lot of smurfs. this is just annoying, but more anoying is leavers.

    There are a also a lot of leavers, losing 2 people in one game is not uncommon. Most of the time you lose atleast one.

    I actually went to play AI for a while because there is better teamwork, better communication and way fewer leavers.

  7. I'm lvl 30 and for me, no one talks during Co-Op vs AI. I only use it to play with champs I've never played before. Or if I want to try and jungle with someone I've only laned with.

    I don't call MIAs or anything during Co-Ops. If somebody gets ganked and killed by the bots, they deserved to die. Just sayin'.


  8. There are a lot of smurfs... I tried to level up my friend and its really hard to cope and help win when everyone else is really good!

    @The flash comment, I actually talked to the Kevin O'Brien ( in GDC about this. Long story-short he made a campaign about removing flash and it failed so I doubt it going to be removed.

    P.S I also took like 10 riot singed, I think I still have like 3 or less if you guys want to use it for a prize or for you guys to use. :)

    @The random pick in dota you could reroll a new character ONCE at the start so you can fix your team kinda... part of the this mode game is having an interesting team comp :)

    Keep up the good work guys!!!

  9. most of the talking in co-op v.s. AI is just talking /advice /coordination. I've never had to report someone in coop v.s. AI, and I'v at most reported 4 people in a normal 5v5 game (granted 2 were leavers).

    As for calling MIA's I don't see it happen much. Usually it is in the standard excuse rotation along with minimized window, anyone else have lag, I really hit my q,w,e,r, etc.

    in coop the rage is much less. My last game really made me reconsider normal queue. So much rage for a game. Altough it was good practice to face a Amumu (never had before), too bad I had to do it solo bot & Amumu had a Yi. Surprisingly fantastic tower diving capability between those 2.

    Tower stood, died only trice to that duo, didn't get zoned out and got chewed out for being a noob :)

  10. An important thing to note is that the thread said that Tribunal went online in the EU servers, but then went offline the next day. So it isn't up there atm.

  11. @hoywolf that would be awesome if we could use that Skin as a prize for some kind of MHS contest!

    @Aiden yeah I saw that as well, forgot to mention it though, apparently it wasn't ready for release

  12. What is the Tribunal?

  13. Ok. QZip on duty!

    I'll start with Anonymous' question. Tribunal is a proposed feature whereby the community would judge cases of poor sportsmanship in the game instead of Riot spending a bunch of money to employ people to do that or having an arbitrary system where players are punished by having too many reports in too short of a time.

    Now, what I think should be done with Flash is it should take 0.75 to 1 second to cast. You click it, you can still move, but a spell animation happens at your feet (or whatever) for the casting time and then you Flash the maximum distance in the direction of your last move-click (rather than directly forward because we know how that can screw up Nidalees and such). If you get disabled, they could make it have a shorter CD in that instance, and you don't actually move. The point is, you can stop it or kill them in the casting time, see people who are going to initiate with it and react (for both teams). This makes it pretty much just as good for initiating, but far worse for escaping. You might want to mess with the distance and/or cooldown for it if this change is implemented, but the idea is solid.

    Changing it into an on-use item might make it hard for a hero like Alistar that basically requires it to initiate since he'd need to farm that gold, but it would successfully reduce the number of heroes to get it, but how much would it cost? At 1200 (normal cheap item price), it's still worth it to most toons. At 2150 (DotA price), it's only worth it on a few, but takes a lot of commitment to get (that's about all your laning gold). If it cost that much, it better disjoint target spells and have a "long ulti" length cd (say 60 seconds).

    And, think about it, most of the people you would WANT to get it aren't going to be getting heaps of gold. Alistar, Galio, and Nunu (in my humble opinion). A jungler (and we know they don't get much money) and 2 tanks (who shouldn't be stealing kills off carries, though Galio can make some pretty decent money with his poking abilities once mid-game hits). So if it's cheap enough to them, it's dirt cheap to a money making carry. Making it have a simple casting time will still allow for initiation (and, hey, your teammates might notice you're going to initiate now when you have no communication with randoms). And several of the "no escape mechanism" heroes who would want it for that reason have a disable of some sort (Malzahar, Annie, Veigar, etc).

  14. I've found 1 so far but i know i have more... ill send that code over your way when i get home tonight :)

    have you guys checked out elementz tier list? i know its not the end all for a champs viability (cuz i believe morde is awesome!!!) but it has made a huge shift. its more AP at the top, more burst and high damaging champs that are the higher picks.

  15. I like how one of my epically long posts was destroyed after Blogger went down.

  16. I noticed that as well, not sure what happened!

  17. If you at least saw it and remember basically what's on it, then I don't need to try to recreate it or sum it up.