Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 13

Tribunal is finally here! We discuss our thoughts on the new system, as well as talk about some strong laning combinations. Have a great week!

Minions Have Spawned - Episode 13


  1. hey guys if you do have a game with 25 min to surrender please record it or something and post it on your youtube channel. That would be great :)

  2. You know, pretty much all the questions have been game-related so far, so let's break that and go with a classic. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

  3. We'll have it recorded with LoL replay, and have it uploaded later on YouTube (assuming it happens). Should be some good fun :D

  4. man there all these people are ridiculous... its all punish, punish, punish... even if you look at their older games they still feed/AFK >_> do people literally make an account to screw other people!??

  5. You know I also post stuff but I never ask any questions... So here are a few for you guys! :)

    1. How do you guys feel about spell vamp stacking?
    I noticed a lot of insane stacking of like 3-4 Hextech revolvers (and boots of course) before anyone major item (then they make 1 into the Will of the Ancient). Champs like Vlad and Rumble seems to enjoy this and I've seen other characters like singed build this, almost unkillable and fling is like a huge nuke o_O

    2. Anyone champs you feel like they need to "update" similar to what they did to Annie? (Minus Jax, because we all know he is a bit hard to balance anyways.)

    3. Who do you guys consider the top assassins? Also how do you feel their role contributes to a team comp over another carry or a support?

    4. What do you feel is the current meta? Do you feel that the current meta has finally shifted from the tanky DPS?

  6. ive herd there making the spell vamp on hextech revolvers unique, heres hoping. its ridiculous when valds stack them

  7. Theyre indeed making it unique.

  8. About the poll: Just wanted to give a reason for my vote and discuss this a bit.

    Junglers and supports are both very important. Supports are probably the least important, but definitely give a huge advantage in the right hands and situations. Supports may be the most influential.

    Carries and tanks, on the other hand, it's hard to say which one is most important. Obviously you want to have one of every role on your team, but I would argue that carries are better.

    I know the discussion isn't really "what would win, a team of tanks or carries" but a team of carries would most likely win. With that said, that makes them seem a tad bit more important. I suppose it really just comes down to what the other team has.

    You might be able to get away without a Jungle, Support, or even a Tank, but it's hard to get away with having no carries.

  9. Since Riot seems to have a love trist with carries, I put them in the poll. I've had all carry teams with enuf CC roll over "solid" comps. In an ideal world supports would be most important and in a less ideal but more realistic world, jungles would be. Riot seems to have a strange definition of tank. I like the DnD 4th Ed definition of Defender much better...

  10. re: Malphite shield - I think it used to be 8, then 12, now 10 second recharge.

    re: hextexh revolvers - maybe it's just my elo or my team's preferred playstyle, but I've never been threatened by a hextech stacker. Yeah, hextech lets vlad or rumble or whoever do much better in lane or in poking situations, but it's a terrible item in a knock-down drag-out teamfight. Aside from better laning, what's the point of hextech stacking?

  11. Initiator is my vote for most important. Most times this is the tank role, but certain champs like Ashe have remained a top tier choice simply because of their initiation ability.

  12. Carries are def the most important role, hence why a lot of people like to play them. tanks protect the carry, support support the carry... the other roles seem to work in a way that makes the carry do what they do best. Which is the kill the opposing team.

    But that does not mean that they are more important then they teammates, its the role that I consider important not the player playing the carry.

  13. Here's a good LoL horror story.

    I was playing Cassiopeia, and my team was just doing terrible. We were down like 10 kills, losing a bunch of towers, enemy got dragon.

    Team fights start happening, I'm nailing them down, eventually coming out to be 10-0. We push down some towers, score is even tower and kill-wise.

    After we push down 2 of the mid towers, just as there spawns were up, we went for a baron. Making good work of it, enemy throws up a CV, they make their way towards us. 3 of them rush into the baron arena, I ult and stun all of them, start spamming my Q and E, taking all 3 down to like 25% with another second or so left in stun.

    This is when Janna decided it's a good idea to push all of the still stunned enemies away from the baron arena.

    Long story short, we got aced, they stole baron, and it went downhill, I ended 15-3-5 and we lost :(

  14. @AsheIsElite that sucks :(

    I would suggest in the future not to get Baron unless your totally dominating... OR that you should at least have one inhib down before trying baron.

    if they focus on getting baron you can simply back off and get free pressure on the nexus towers, if they go and protect then you get baron! its a win-win.

  15. Problem was, they had Taric and another healer. If Janna didn't push them all back, we would have aced them, had the baron, and been able to end the game :/

  16. i tell you whats priceless, when you looking at the chat logs in tribunal and you see the accused saying "report me it doesn't do anything". Oh how i hope this tribunal works out.

  17. What do you guys think about the Annie buffs? Where do you think she stacks up against the other casters now?

  18. Just did my daily Tribunal and there was this case that stood out to me!

    Its a twitch that wanted solo bot... he said "I want solo bot, if you say we need draggy control I'll mute you." Then when one teammate actually did he responded "I played 400 games and I never needed dragon control"... -_-

    I dont want to get into the details but... you need 2 people at bot solely because dragon IS there, simple math, they go 3 guys there, 2 bot+junlger to do drag. 1 more with mid coming. If you have 1 bot, then obivously your fighting with one less... Does he really think 4v3 is smart when fighting over dragon?? man...

    Question: How long do you guys spend per case? I spend close to 5 to 10 mins and thats just only for like 3 to 4 games... the chat log is just soooo insanely fun to read!

  19. Oh, the annie buffs, I saw some math/numbers on that, and she actually didn't get as big of a buff as everyone thinks. Aside from mana, her damage isn't increased much:

    Good read to understand her new damage better.

  20. hey guys i just wanted to ask a question

    What do you think of Garen? I used to play him allot still do sometimes and i find that its nearly impossible to do bad with him as long as you have a tanky build, yet i hear pro players such as The Rain Man saying how bad he is and that he is one of the worst champs in the game.

    So i just wanted to ask what is you opinion on Garen do you think he is a viable/good champ.

  21. Hey guys just started listening to your podcast. I've been thinking of making my own so you guys have been a great help with ideas.

    Anyway I have a sorta horror story where I was jax and was only in the game for 2mins (this was a premade with 3 other friends) and I had suddenly leave to go to pick up my little sister. I came back everyone was about lvl 14 or so when i was lvl 1. Came back lvld to about 12 and started to team fight. Got a double kill and started to snowball from there ended up wining the game after i was afk for about half the match.

  22. It's probably too late to suggest this, but it's something I heard on a different podcast: Hypothetical Team Drafting. Two of the show hosts would build a team Ranked Draft pick style against each other. Strategies and thoughts behind each pick could then be discussed.